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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sj777, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. sj777

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    not getting hardly any call backs on flyers.what have you guys found most successful in getting new buisness.want to go in this buisness full time,im tired of being a fed ex driver.and my flyers are good too!!!!!!!!!
  2. StBalor

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    How many flyers have you passed out? It takes thousands and thousands to build a good client base. Also try adds in the local papaer and signs at entrances to communities.
  3. WEST1014

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    I am getting frustrated myself. How long have you been waiting after posting your fliers? I placed an ad in the local newspaper, and sent over 300 direct mail. I got one call from a guy who saw it in the paper, and he was trying to get me to advertise in the phone customer responses.

    It's only been a week since my ads were out. I'm already discouraged. I want to start small. I pulled up various communities to target (about 15), and mailed a letter to each address with 2 contact numbers and an email. I offered $5 off for anyone requesting their free estimate online.

  4. fiveoboy01

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    You have to be persistent and patient. As was said above, thousands of flyers. I passed out 100 and got 3 calls. Ended up with 2 new accounts. One of them waited over a week to call me.

    Monday I passed out about 200 flyers, have yet to get one call. I plan to get 500 more out there by monday. You gotta keep at it.
  5. Team-Green L&L

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    We waited almost 2 mos. after our first distribution of 1000 flyers 5 years ago. We then began mailing 5000 postcards each quarter and saw a much better response rate. Upload your flyer and I may be able to help. You can see mine on the thread "New postcard. What do you think". All graphics copyrighted. I'm not a graphics designer, but I do have a marketing background and have been quite successful in that area.
  6. Joe65

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    keep up with the flyers, i have gotten calls on letter i sent out 2 years ago and people were not ready yet, so u never know.....if your weekly paper as a section that lists all latest real estate wife is in real estate so she mails mine to any house she sees that closes that she thinks would be an area close to where i have most of my accounts...another good target area is surrounding blocks to current customers stating that you maintain accounts in that area, i also got calls back on these long after, maybe end of season when people start looking for next years LCO if they were not happy....
  7. Up North

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    Don't worry, with each flyer sent out you're getting closer to someone saying "YES!". I've done marketing for companies I worked at in the past and our findings were on par with what other marketing execs have takes on average about 4-6 times of putting your company name in front of someone before they may call. The more your company name passes by them the more they become familiar with the name and at some point if they see it enough and need your product or service, they'll contact you.

    Don't give up and try not to get frustated. A successful business isn't built overnight, it takes time & patience. Try mixing up the marketing, yard signs, ads in paper, flyers, etc. My most successful marketing tool has been my customer base. Referrals by far have been the most productive, don't be shy about asking your customers if they know someone else that may be interested and offer a referral plan (if needed, in most cases it's not).

    Good luck and hang in there.

  8. Joe65

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    from nj
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    Definetly agree with Buck, you never know, and to do nothing will gain you nothing......a good point he made, as my wife learned when prospecting customers for Real Estate as the same people need to see your name over and maybe pick an area and stick to mailing them 4 times a year, if you get one or two in the area most times more will follow
  9. topsites

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    If I remember correctly, my first year I passed out 4,000 flyers (not all in a day lol), and it still wasn't nearly enough, 8,000 would've been better and I'm sure 12-16k would not have hurt... That's just the problem with flyers, you need raw numbers. But like some of the other guys, I'd do flyers at the tune of a few hundred / day, every single day I went out and put out flyers, at least 200 and more is better, just keep doing it. Yes, you go a little crazy doing it.

    As for ads in the paper, that's been my best solution but you do NOT want to post a classified ad. Because, the responses they get are from people looking for lawn boys / high school kids (still not sure why this is so, but it has been my experience).

    What I have is a small box ad (but read through), it costs me $85 / week and this gets me what I need but I had to look long and hard and try one paper after the other until I found one that worked decent for the money (yes, not all newspapers have the same response).

    Some small phonebooks, we have the Community Phonebook and also the Yellow Book (not the Yellow pages but that one might work as well) can do pretty good, but it depends... In my case, the phonebook doesn't do well but for other guys, it's all they use...
    I must've wasted a few thousand dollars in advertising fees over the years...

    So, persistence, consistent, constant advertising, and yes, time.
  10. Team-Green L&L

    Team-Green L&L LawnSite Bronze Member
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    AMEN! I know I've seen over $100,000 go down the drain in wasted advertising, but it was all worth it in the end.

    The Yellow Pages is way too pricy for us. In our area, a decent ad is $2000-$4000 a month! No that's not a typo. I can't justify a $4000 booth at a flea market full of LCO's (which is essentially what the Yellow Pages is). People who "let their fingers do the walking" usually haven't a clue who they are looking for, so your ad has to stand out more than 4 pages of competitors to get noticed.

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