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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by DeepGreenLawn, May 16, 2008.

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    Things have really slowed down now, I only have 2 estimates today and haven't received any phone calls. So I thought I might start this thread so people could share their ideas of how to stir up business. Some may be expensive, others pretty cheap.

    My first few thoughts,

    1. Door hangers, I have door hangers that are pre-made as an advertisement and then has an empty space on the bottom for you to put a price. I have been going to neighborhoods like mine where all the lawns are basically identical to each other so I can sit at home, write the price on the door hangers and then go to the neighborhood and either slap them on doors or mailboxes. ON THE OUTSIDE NOT THE IN, THAT IS ILLEGAL for those who didn't know.

    2. Advertise in community magazines, I have been advertising in some community magazines the past few months and they have been great. You get what you pay for though, I have tried it before with business card size ads and received maybe one or two calls. Now I have one and two page spreads. I have been covered up! The add has to be catchy and easy to read at a glance though. These magazines I have are free and actually are sent to peoples houses and to stores.

    3. This one is a little crazy and fun at the same time and haven't put it in practice yet. There may be some legal things to jump through such as where I can and cannot be, etc. Go out with your truck, we I take it, are mainly green companies, dress up in all green, a green jumpsuit if you will, so you can stand out, heck, die your hair green, be noticeable. Get some signs with your name and number and some catchy phrases like "Go Green With Deep Green." What do you think? Like I said, there may be rules about what street corners you can and cannot stand on. I guess I can call around and see.

    4. Maybe talk to some local restaurants about leaving some flyers up front, I have a southern cooking restaurant that I am going to ask if I can leave some out and maybe pay them so much a month to do it.

    Interested to here other ideas. The last one might cost you a couple hundred for signs but other than that just time, the magazines are pricey but they work, and the door hangers aren't too bad, and they do alright, good for hitting neighbors after treating a lawn real quick too. The restaurant is an idea I just came up with so I am not sure how it will work. Never hurts to ask right? They might go for it if you offer to pay them a little something.
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    How about local TV and radio, they are always looking for something to fill in space. Just call em you'll be surprised how interested they are.

    Pick one topic you are comfortable with though don't try to explain all of your ideas at once. They are typically short segments, how about "how to save money with organic lawn care" cut less, less inputs, water less, less disease so less pesticides. I think there is a theme here could it be less is more
  3. DeepGreenLawn

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    are you talking about news programs, or advertising with them? The only problem with that is that they are so wide spread that it would be reaching people way out of my areas right now.

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    Do A Press Release They R Free
  5. ICT Bill

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    I do not know how to say it any clearer

    contact your local TV or radio stations ! clear enough

    Get your butt out from behind the PC, pick up the phone book and call them, say hey how would you like to do a piece on "how to save money with organic lawn care", hang up the phone and dial the next number, and so on
  6. DeepGreenLawn

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    LOL, I think I get the idea...
  7. treegal1

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    radio works for us, try garden shows, sponsor a community event. we just sponsored the great American cleanup/ keep martin beautiful
  8. DeepGreenLawn

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    yeah I've been thinking about sponsoring some events. I have a big community park down the street from me and the other communities have pretty good locations to throw events. I am going to try and start talking to other companies to try and get sponsorships going. Maybe have something like a trade show in early spring where all the local lawn care professionals can come and set up a booth and people can come by and check out their services. I don't know, just making this up as I go. Just a family day would work too.

    Even seminars to help people go organic. That would work too I bet.
  9. lawncuttinfoo

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    What are you talking about? They are not going to publish for free something just because you say it is a press release.
  10. treegal1

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    slow news day the news paper comes to us and ask whats news??? or get an event coordinator to "plug" you and have a press release in hand and see what happens.

    you do know this going green thing is in fashion now. cant believe i just said that, but its true.

    it is sat? get on your BIKE and get out in your area and meet some people, we are supposed to be friendly in the south.:waving:

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