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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LakeSide Lawn and Landscape, Nov 19, 2002.

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    What is everyones marketing plans for next year?Mine is going to be passing out about 10,000 flyers in hopes of generating 40 new customers.What is evryone else going to do???:waving:
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    Took an ad out in the yellow pages, new phone books came out just a couple days ago. This was my first so I will have to see if it's worth the $500 a year. I have been thinking of the idea of a flyer to put on door knobs or actually a newsletter. I really want to educate my future clients. Possibly rather than use a doorknob hanger take a baggie and insert my flyer with about 1/2 of grass seed and toss onto people's driveway. I spoke with a guy that did this and he said he could hit about 3000 houses a day doing this. I am not sure how many he did total, but he said it was a real winner and got 2400 aeration jobs.

    I am also considering mailing postcards. I would be happy with 15 good paying, weekly customers.

  3. Sean Adams

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    Direct mail is our plan again. Always works.
  4. Combination of direct mail and flyer's. Still undecided about ads in 2 HOA newsletters.

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