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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Turf Helpers, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Turf Helpers

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    Curious on what marketing anyone does, what percentage of total marketing cost for each type, and best results.

    Just starting out I am going with door hangers with coupons on the back. I may also advertise in a local 'coupon book'. And then there's my website.

  2. bbillymac

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    I have much the same question. I too am just starting out. I have been going with flyers that I put near or on the mailbox (I Never open a mailbox.) It seems to me that door hangers are good, But, you've got to walk them, vs. in the paper holder for the mailbox, I can get a couple hundred out in a couple of hours. I'm too soon to give you results, well, I have got to calls off them. I have no website yet.

    What has been most successful for you big fellas?
  3. Utah Lawn Care

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    I sent out 1700 post cards and spent nearly 700 bucks on them. They have got me VERY few calls. Literally probably 3-4 for things I don't really want to do and aren't very profitable.

    I put out about 600 door hangers. I think they were 100 bucks or so. I have had significantly better success with them. I have had twice as many responses as I have with the post cards.

    My city has a facebook buy/sale/trade page. I posted our post card on there and it has had much better results than paying 700 bucks to have them sent to a big part of my city. Thinking outside of the box a little can be profitable.

    I have tried craigslist. It has not given me many if any results.

    A lot of people contact me through my website. Having one is very beneficial even if it isn't very exciting like mine.
  4. Turf Helpers

    Turf Helpers LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replies guys!

    Cedar, I know what you're saying with the door hangers. We are going to have our kids go hang them for $10 / hour lol. I would offer anybody looking at this and thinking about printing to look into a local printer. I have most of my stuff done by a local printer and it is cheaper and better quality than I get with Vista Print. I made my door hangers on a 8.5x11 glossy cardstock, full color, double sided, 3 hanger per sheet, cut... cost $0.20/hanger. Had the kids punch the hole and do a single cut for finished product. Vista wanted like $1.47/hanger!
  5. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Door hangers and a nice website are the 2 best producers for me. I've been turning away work for days now. I'm a solo op and my body can only take so much abuse.

    Just got off the phone with my landscaping friend. His phone is literally ringing off the hook...all from his website. He even made the comment that "anyone who says there isn't enough work out there is doing something wrong or a moron." I agreed with him. There's plenty of work for everyone.
  6. bbillymac

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    Thanks all for your replies! Cedar lawn care and creative lawn care and I'm forgetting somebody. I'm Just starting out. I mean just. Yesterday I was doing my happy dance because I just closed my 1st quote! (Off a flyer.)

    I felt like running over and cutting her grass right away. Too much rain for that, but, still, it was my start. As for the title: I'm calling my neighbor who does web sites today! I'm getting one for sure.

    I'm advertising in a local small newspaper. (no calls yet) Putting flyers on mailboxes. I Never open a mailbox. In my previous post I said I put them in the paper holder near the mailbox. I now believe this has been a mistake. I have driven by several places where I have done this and found as many as half still in the holder in various states of ruination. So I have switched to folding them and tucking them in the mail flag on the box. That way they at least Have touch it to remove it. It takes longer, as you have to get out of the car to put them on. But I just keep telling myself, 'It only take one response to make it worth it.'

    Good luck all! (and me too!:weightlifter:)
  7. Turf Helpers

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    Did you get ahold of your neighbor yet?

    My wife has me building her yet another website and I need some more equipment lol.

    PM me or shoot me an email at

  8. corey4671

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    25 of these screen printed signs with metal stakes placed at various places around town $225

    Text service $14.95/month

    People get an autoresponder with all my contact info when they text the keyword to the number.

    I get a text telling me (555)555-5555 has requested your keyword.

    I immediately initiate contact. Last fall, I booked 6 $150 aeration jobs in 6 hours with this process. These signs have yielded 7 new weekly mowing accounts already this season. Yes, city eventually picks them up and honestly, I don't care.

    mow 90210 B.jpg

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