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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dsmrolla06, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Im trying to make an excel sheet that will show all of my marketing campaigns and projects. I have one sheet that will give an overview of all the marketing projects, including date sent, response rate, cost etc. I will then have a sheet for each project. I will have the total sent, and then have all the costs for the project. I then want to make a chart that will show the date and day of week i receive responses. Im not sure how to do. Also would anyone have any suggestions on anything else to include or have an example. When i finish i will post an attachment on here. Thanks for the help.
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    Pro Edge, sounds pretty good. Since you are doing such a defined track I would maybe add to that the specific areas that you are prospecting/farming. If you are farming a couple of different areas it would be nice to know which campaign is working where, and what response rate you are receiving from a specific group. This way you will have more true numbers instead of a broad spectrum overview.JMO
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    I agree that would be a good way to go. My first campaign is a letter with a business card and a postcard reply mail. Its going out to all chamber members that i have hand selected through the directory based on their area. The area with this campaign is mostly industrial parks and surrounding heavy commercial areas.

    This campaign into 01A and 01B, which are the code names, 01 being whcih one, and A and B being variations. The variation is a contact and no contact, which is just the chamber representative. The contact are found from me calling business and receiving the name of the person that directly deals with the lawn care maintenance and decisions, and possibly may even have spoke with in person. This relates to my other thread, propecting new clients or whatever it was called. For any businesses that i have not called and received a contact for, i use the chamber rep, who may deal with lawn care, most likely not however. Im doing this to see how effective it is in getting to the right person.

    I do not have these sorted by any demographic statistics, such as area or size of business of anything like that, but may do in the future. I wanted to be able to do a break down of the day of the week im am getting responses as compared to the day i send them out to even be able to eventually get a day that is most suitable. Sorry about the rambling, but i will post a copy of my sheet that i have done so far if anyone can tell me how to post it.

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