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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LakeCountry, May 18, 2001.

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    One of the items I stumbled on in doing my business plan was differnet marketing channels that I could use at a low cost, but also would work for me instead of constant attention from me...

    Realtors - In the area that I am setting up, we have a housing stock that is varied in price and size. The $500k-$1 Mil lake properties are owned by Movie stars and CEO's while there are also other off-lake acreage properties that equally in need of maintenance. The sale rate on these properties range from days to about two months on the market.

    My channel was in buyer incentives through realtors. Offer a discounted hourly rate or estimate the property and give a flat rate for that property that they could absorb into their commission to make the sale, or split into the purchase price with the seller to make the sale. Either way, they have an enticing added benefit and you get a sale without working too hard. Once the word is out with Realtors, they all talk to each other and buyers could soon be asking for the service to be included...

    Let me know your thoughts on this. It was going to be a small part of my over all marketing strategy but would help bring in incrimental new business in the long term if a strong relationship was forged.
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    Be sure to get paid in advance when dealing with realtors.

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