Marketing timing in the Connecticut area.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by A1Lawns, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. A1Lawns

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    How's everyones marketing going for those of us who live in the Connecticut/northeast area?

    Do you guys already have your advertising done? Have you even started yet? How many ads do you have and when are you going to get them out?

    Looks like right about now is the time to be doing it here!
  2. Frank Fescue

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    you are too late,scotts and chem lawn have been saturating the market since the beginig of february and lowball pricing is briging about a lot of new first time clients. expect failure this spring.
  3. A1Lawns

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    Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence FRANK! lol Expect failure? NEVER.

    But really, these big companies don't sign everyone up and there are still plenty of new customers to go around. You are right about one thing though, they do advertise earlier than anyone else and low ball. They also trap some of their existing customers with the "cancel by so and so date or we will auto renew your contract..".
    I also hear from more and more customers that they are unhappy with these big companies. Whether it's lack of personabilty, or quality of work. I think in due time, these customers will realize the bigger the company and lower the price is most certainly not always the way to go.
  4. Frank Fescue

    Frank Fescue LawnSite Senior Member
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    i hope you have a succesful year and make millions like i do. but marketing might be an issue this spring. i'd suggest putting together a plan to market again with fall specials come late august. tgcl and scotts customers should be nice and PO'd by then.
  5. creatived

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    I Live In Long Island And Brand The Piss Out Of My Logo, I Am Sending Out 2 Mailings (bulk) One The End Of This Month The Other The Middle Of Next. Frank Is A Fool Residential Homeowners Are Not Thinking About Landscaping So Much Yet Because The Weather Has Been Sketchy. My Customers Are A Lot Of Summer Vactioners So They Aren't Around Yet But If They Are Year Round I Get To Them First And Early. Door Hangers And Knock On Doors Works Too In An Area You Service Never Walk Away Empty Handed People Are Buying Up Homes Now And They Need A Service Provider.
  6. topsites

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    I wouldn't wait more than 1-2 more weeks, I'm in VA which is roughly 4-500 miles south and I just started thou it's still chilly and I expect more but if you want work I'd start soon and keep it up. Things are looking dire here, so don't forget to lowball and kiss up :laugh:

    Also what helps is maybe take a (short) drive or better yet on your way someplace take a look at more than a few lawns (yes any lawns) as you drive past, and WHEN you start to see signs of growth HIT IT!
  7. A1Lawns

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    You may have a good point there! lol
  8. tremor

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    One major national LCO mailed their first wave of ad flyer's today. Your timing is good.

    Respond to all new survey requests within 48 hours. Follow up with a phone call in 3 days.

    Due to acquisitions, CT is prime for turnover this year. Conduct yourself properly & you'll get your fair share of the turners. Service them well & they'll stay with you.

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