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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Mike Fronczak, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Most of the Town, Schools, etc in this area currently do their own sports field maintenance. Unfortunatly this ussally consists of just mowing large field areas, think the entire park as one entity. As budgets are getting tighter the towns, etc are talking about cutting back on the frequency of the cuttings. This will obviously cause issues for the sports teams that cant play in grass 6 inches long. These teams generally pay "field fees" for the use, which if the field isn't playable I'm sure will piss them off. My thought is if we could approch it similiar to a golf course stratagy, leaving the park areas as "roughs" and maintaining the field areas as say "fairways" it may work out to not only save the towns money but provide the playing surface the sports teams need. Im OK with not maintaining the entire park, just doing say the sports fields and 10' beyond for linesman and keep those in top notch condition. My background isn't in sports turf but more residential/commercial, with application work as well. Just looking to try to find a new niche. Has anyone tried marketing this to municipalities ?
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    I'm actually meeting with a private Catholic high school on Friday. They contacted me to come in and discuss them contracting out the turf/landscape maintenance of the school. Due to budgets a lot of schools are realizing its cheaper to contract out than pay their employees(salary,insurance,vacation, sick days etc...)
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