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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Fitz's Landscaping, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the website and new to the professional landscaping industry. Ill give you a little background on myself.

    I have been mowing my neighbors lawns since I have been 12 (Now 22), and doing clean ups for them when the fall came. I also plowed driveways in the neighborhood with the atv to make some money.
    Winter 2011 a friend approached me about being a partner in his already existing business. After looking at the books from the previous year it seemed legit, bought a scag ride one march 2012 and started to work through the spring and summer. Come fall 2012 he was getting on my nerves because he didn't express much care in the business. Halloween 2012 I picked up and left him and went out on my own, Split 50/50 and wound up taking his customers because he gave up. I now have about 50 customers I mow weekly, with various projects week to week.

    The main purpose of this post is to find out what you guys to for marketing. I would love to make this my career, and hoping to expand my business. I have a website being built by a friend who builds sites for a living, but i feel that will not be enough. I feel that mailers are not that effective in my area and will be a waste of money. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciative!

    Thanks Guys!
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    Get a website that ranks well on google. Make accounts for google places, yelp, angie's list, yahoo etc. Get a great web presence in general. It is pretty much a free way for people to find you all year. I get calls all Summer long because of the internet. I think roughly 3/4 of my business this year can be related to internet.

    Post cards are an expensive, but easy way to get some customers. You might end up paying a couple hundred bucks for each customer. It's up to you to decide if that's worth it to you.

    Door hangers can be good. If you have an effective way to get them out it can be cheaper than post cards.

    Having big lettering on your truck and trailer will get a little business.

    If your city has a few facebook groups, you can post there often to your city. I got 3-4 clients from doing that this year.
  3. rdwittmann

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    I agree with Cedar. I have been in business since the 80's and do not have a web site. Thinking of jumping in with one this winter. Most of my business at this point comes from word of mouth and a strong presents in the neighborhoods I work (truck, signs, door hangers etc.).
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    every market area is different the best way best way to do marketing is to allot, X amount of dollars for marketing.

    say 2500 for the year. you do $500 to website. $1000 in flyers $500 in newspaper adds and $500 in direct mailings or something like that.

    then poll each customer/caller you get to see how they found you. say 60% saw your website ads, 20% saw your flyer 15% saw your direct mailer 5% saw newspaper.

    after a year you will see what is bringing in revenue and what isn't. the following year you take some money away from the advertising that is not pulling in a lot of revenue and dedicate it to what is working. that is the best way to figure out your market area

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