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  1. horticulturalsolutions

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    Which is better? Sending out post cards or flyer's? Or something else?

    I have sent out some marketing letters with no results.

    I am marketing to potential customers in residential communities and small commercial sites.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Mark McC

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    Mailers versus flyers: Mailers are less labor intensive, but flyers get a better response rate. Neither will do you all that much good unless there's a call for action (hi TonytheGreek, it's me again), such as call by such-and-such a date to get $x off your first invoice.

    Sending marketing letters is a good idea in the same way that institutional ads are a good idea for large companies. They establish your identity to your prospective customers, which is certainly a worthwhile effort. However, they do not typically result in calls or action on the part of consumers.

    You might want to send a follow-up to all those who got your letter. The follow-up should be designed to prompt them to pick up the phone and call you (see the comment above about a call for action). Do something soon and they'll still remember the letter you sent. Wait long at all and they mostly will not remember the letter.

    I have no experience marketing to commercial properties, so not sure what to tell you there. Hit 'em hard and hit 'em often.
  3. MacPhersonlawn

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    I have found the best way to get new customers is through referrals. You need to ask you customers for leads. If they like your work they will do it. These are usually quality leads. I have had very little luck with letters and the return rate on falters is very small even when you target market.
    I don't do many commercials but many that do say you must visit in person. Show up at the door and ask to see the person in charge of grounds or maintenance.
  4. Mark McC

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    True enough, but if you need a quick infusion of a substantial number of customers, you're going to have to do more than ask for referrals. Also bear in mind that new operations have no customer base.

    A lot of the problem with mailers and flyers is that we tend to just tell the customer what we do. We don't tell them what we can do for them. Who cares that we have the best mowers or the best mulch? Frankly, the customer rightly sees that as manure, not fertilizer.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand that most of us are not advertising wizards, but it's amazing how often we emphasize professionalism in our industry, but refuse to educate ourselves in marketing and advertising...or consult with a professional in these areas.

    And I simply cannot overemphasize that an ad cannot possibly work if it does not call for action. Period, folks. You have to tell them WHY THEY SHOULD CALL YOU NOW!!!

    If you cannot give them a reason to call you NOW, most will not call you EVER. Period. Please get that into your heads and stop whining about the crappy return rates on flyers and mailers. Those lousy return rates are your fault, not the fault of the medium or channel.

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