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  1. solaras

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    My new company spent over $3000 for a mass mailing to target homeowners who's property is valued at 150k and up. This was a huge flop.. We only picked up 5 accounts. Our next step is to hang flyers with an incentive of two free weeks following three months of service. Our goal is to get 500 flyers out per week. Has anybody done anything similar, and how did it work for you? I appreciate any input.
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    Welcome to Lawnsite. I've never done anything like this so I can't help you. But I can tell you that it has been discussed here before by others with experience. Try the search button under the banner ad at the top of your screen. Try "marketing" and "flyers" and try this forum and the Commercial Lawn Forum, as it has been discussed there also. Good luck.
  3. lawnman_scott

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    Not to be nosy, but what did you spend $3000 on at one time?
  4. solaras

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    Well, cost of post cards, mailing list, and stamps. It ain't cheap.
  5. Sean Adams

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    Direct Marketing can be very, very effective. Quantity versus quality. Instead of flyers and post cards, an actual direct-mail letter, hand-addressed in letter form, if put together properly with the right message will have your phone ringing off the hook. Getting a 5% to 13% response (sale) is possible. I know for sure because I have done it. Hope this helps.

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    Fliers work well for me. I get a decent return on my flier campaigns, and put them out all year long timed with the different services that I perform.
    The one thing that I would never ever do, is give away lawn service for free. If you post the fliers, they will come. Then the word of mouth kicks in, and you are busier than you thought that you would be. That's when you let your deadbeats, slowpays etc. go, and replace them with folks that care about their property, and don't mind paying for it.
    Don't give away what you can sell.

    Good luck, Bill Craig:blob3:
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    we're in fla also, and flyers have been one of our better lead providers. BUT, you have to flyer 2-3 times at same houses to get the results you are probably looking for. also, on the accounts you did pick up, have your crew flyer the nearest 20 houses every couple weeks for 6 weeks or so. we've found flyering to be much more cost effective than mass mailings. the key is repetitively putting your name in front of prospective clients. it lets them know you are not just a fly by night and keeps them remembering your business. forget the incentive, usually it does not produce any better results than no incentive. good luck!

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