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  1. ppl

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    I would like to ask, what marketing has worked for everyone and which yield the greatest return for the dollar?
  2. mikeny

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    1) word of mouth 2) yard signs 3) flyers (more so with sprinklers & landscapes than hardscaping) 4) yellow pages - we are considering heavy print and maybe radio for mostly sprinklers this season. We have built our business from new homes, now that housing starts are way down we have to reinvent ourselves to some degree.
  3. ppl

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    We have started out the same way, new homes and some remodel work. But, now with markets swifting I wanted to find out what works the best for the money and timing? I ran flyers, spent 4000.00 and had zero return. But, most of my work is word of mouth.
  4. mikeny

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    Do you just do hardscapes, mostly hardscapes or diversified? Those new neighborhoods where you can have 3 crews working with in a stones throw were nice for a few years, but times are a changin- at least this year.

    BTW I feel sure spring will be fine, just worried about an August slump, that has been our catch up time in the past.
    Does everyone find that the phone calls slow down in July and August and oick up again after labor day?
  5. kootoomootoo

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    "Where do I buy word of mouth." I'm selling it for only $19.99 a jar. Order now and get two jars for the price of one!
  7. kootoomootoo

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  8. blueplate

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    Clients are more likely to spread your message if you offer them something. It's amazing what people will do for a free cut or even a free coffee!
  9. leaflandscape

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    home shows are a great way to meet tons of people face to face and you can weed out the ones who aren't serious, because they're talking to a bunch of landscape guys all at once and possibly realizing that landscape guys don't usually work for free. I'll take a couple jars of word of mouth, too.
  10. mrusk

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    Word of mouth is not advertsing. While it may be one of the top source of leads for most of us, its still not advertsing.

    Direct mail works for me. And i do not send chessey post cards with 'FREE' all over them.

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