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    Have you ever watched the movie "Cable Guy" where at the beginning of the movie Mathew Broderick is lying on the sofa watching an infomercial by Anthony Robbins.

    He picks up the phone and just about to call and order this rip off motivational load of crap when luckily for him he is interrupted, stopping him from falling for the "Money Back Guaranteed" "But wait there's more!" "A 40.00 values your free if you call now" bunch of BS?

    I stepped in This somehow somewhere and they've been blowing up my inbox ever since.

    Don't be naive and fall for any of this. I didn't nor should you.
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    I hate all this "lawn car success" crap. No manual can tell you what to do since there's different areas in every city that react differently to advertising. Its all a scam and a cash-grab.
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    the only surefire thing i found is

    treat your customers good

    do a good job

    and you are more likely to survive


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