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Hardworks Yardworks

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Nanaimo, BC
Hey guys,

I'm interested in hearing from you about your marketing tactics and business development strategies.

What works best for you? What cost effective strategies do you implement? What kind of money do you spend on marketing and what does it give you in return? ie. ROI. What separates you from the competition?

I've been in business part time for a few years now and want to start earning more business. Some ideas I've had to generate more business is establishing an online presence, which in most cases can be free. A free website from www.viviti.com (www.hardworksyardworks.viviti.com) and posting listings in free online classifieds. There are a ton of ways to drive traffic to your website using youtube, google page rank, SEO, free classifieds and social media ie. facebook and twitter. The key with online marketing is that you're goal is to reach LOCAL residents, which can be challenging at times but social media and classifieds have been the most successful for me.

I'm interested in hearing about successful flyer drops (mailing out brochures), or other viral marketing techniques!