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  1. OrganicsMaine

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    Looking to target certain streets, does town hall have the names of the homowners on each street?

    Don't feel like buying an entire list when I want to target specific neighborhoods.
  2. jada86

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    In our county, the county appraiser's office provides a list of 1500 names, whatever streets you need, for $75 and they'll print labels for another $75.
  3. bohiaa

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    not sure why you would need there names?

    I assume your wanting to send them something in the mail.

    most of the time it's addressed to resident.

    but like the above post stated. 75.00 that's worth it, other wise you would have to go look at all the addresses. and write them down.

    NOT really sure why a person would want to do such a thing, But to each there own.

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