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  1. mtp2s

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    I am recently new to the landscape and lawn care industry so, I am fairly small. I have always passed out flyers in mailboxes just around my town. I am ready for bigger and better things. My question is what type of marketing and how should I go about it? I am looking for a different way of marketing as well. Also if you have any tips or suggestions feel free to let me know. Thank you for your time.
  2. TwoTinySprouts

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    go to Google places, they will run a local add for free. good luck! I have the same issue!
  3. mtp2s

    mtp2s LawnSite Member
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    Thanks man, your helping out a lot thanks. Also I heard something about the Post Office mailing flyers out to certain neighborhoods? Any thoughts
  4. tonygreek

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    mtp, as TwoTinySprouts points out, you will want to look at creating Google/Yahoo/Bing local business accounts. A web site is also becoming a necessity, so I'd suggest doing a bit of research on that as well.

    A properly done Craig's List ad can also be beneficial and drive leads.

    As for the Post Office, just search here for "EDDM" and you'll find a ton of threads.
  5. NaturalLandscape

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    Isn't it illegal to touch other people's mailboxes?
  6. georgialawn88

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    if so i should go to jail 12 times a year for the last 8 years. :rolleyes:
  7. 32vld

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    The difference is putting in the box verses on the outside of the box and or post.
  8. TwoTinySprouts

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    I think people do it in my area all the time....
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  9. tonygreek

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    Since this comes up all the time on here, usually with misinformation or subjective opinion, here are the actual USPS regs:

    "No part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items or matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle. Any mailable matter not bearing postage and found as described above is subject to the same postage as would be paid if it were carried by mail."


    If you have a curbside mailbox or a mailbox on the outside of your house, Postal Service regulations govern what can and can not be placed in them. Generally speaking, only mail that has been sent through the USPS may be placed in these types of receptacles. Conversely, USPS regulations do not govern what can be placed in a mail slot on your door. This means that if a local business wants to put a flyer in the mail slot, they can do so.
  10. TenderCareLawnService

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    We really love direct mail marketing. Basically find a printing company in your local area. What you have to do is pay them to get a mailing list. You tell them the area you would like. Now for me I did all the surrounding areas as well. (I think I spent somewhere around $600-$800 for list - one time charge). Then I designed a mailing piece 8 in x 5 1/2 in. Now I have them send out 1,000 cards a month. this runs about $300-$400 every 1,000. Of course this may sound alittle expensive but my business took off so fast by doing this one thing I had to call them and cancel the mailout to allow us to get a handle on accounts and scheduling. I would definelty recommend this solution to anyone. Hope this helps!!!

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