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    Hello everyone,

    2014 will be my first year as a primarily application only business (no mowing). I'm seeking advice on the best way to market to get customers for the 2014 season.

    I currently plan to of course pass out fliers/door hangers starting January 1st 2014 (is this too early to even get any attention?), craigslist, and work on SEO (hard since my site is flash and its competitive in my area to get on top page).

    I also plan to run a deal. If you sign up before March 2014 you'll receive 50% off your first application.
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    I think your plans sound good. January is not too early. Keep in mind you will pass out about 100 flyers for each sale you make. Be sure you make it the best possible sales brochure you can. If you walk 20 miles to hand them out--no sense passing out a poor-quality brochure. Let a print shop or brochure service help you with expert advice. Good color pictures--persuasive copy. Early bird sale--or some kind of special offer. Read a book or two on how to market services.

    Consider offering a referral reward. Free application or $20 off, if a customer finds you a new customer.

    Perhaps offer a free sharpening of lawn blade with an estimate, if they take your coupon to a cooperating mower shop by March first. With luck, the mower shop will do the work for free as it gets a customer into their shop, and gives them an opportunity to sell the customer a new blade, mower tune-up or whole new mower.
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