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This is a first for me so please ... When you do marketing on your own, flyers, door hangers, letters, the time spent at a PC formatting, time spent by you, how do you charge your labor and time for tax purposes? What is an acceptable rate for this?


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San Antonio, TX
How much do you pay yourself? Is that what your asking...I think the gain of customer to increase profits is your goal for advertising. The time spent on it will pay itself in time. I don't belive it is necessary to due anything for tax purposes due to the fact its your business. Taxes are done for income only...they don't ask how much time you put in just how much you made.

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If you feel it absolutely necessary to write off your expenses for "advertising" check with your accountant
and you might be able to SQueeK it in under Misc. Expenditures ... highly doubt it though.

I agree with Lone Star ... its part of the blood and sweat we put out so there's no tears come payroll time.

Good Luck!!



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central Maine
Check with your accountant, but as far as I know you're not able to deduct anything for your own time. You could deduct expenses related to materials.