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  1. gamoose

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    What else do you guys do to market your company besides flyers and visits, please keep in mind I am a start up company wih limited capital. I am discouraged by my initial rounds with flyers, less than 1%. How many have tried this direct mailing, what kind of results? Please help??
  2. millerjjr

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    One thing I've just learned about this site is using its internal search engine, just type in marketing or whatever and see all the previous posts concerning that topic.

    I see you have limited captial but try the magnetic door signs for the side of your truck, or shirts and hats with your company's logo. One of the best marketing tools is word-of-mouth, once the word gets out about your service it's bound to spread.
  3. Sean Adams

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    Truck signs as millie everywhere you can as often as you can.....1% on flyers....but how many flyers? if you passed out 10,000 that's 100 clients.... fliers have to be in volume to be successful..... get more printed and go for it!
  4. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Get hats and shirts with your company name. Money well spent.

    Call your local print shop which could be listed under "t-shirts" or "embroidery" in the yellow pages. Maybe you could get a small minimal run the first time that won't cost much. Mine was $300 for 12 embroidered hats and 12 short sleeve polos. If you have to, go to a small embroiderer and have just one or two shirts/hats done. I swear it will be worth it to you. The response you get from people will be phenomenal. Poof - instant professional image.

    Today, I'm walking through Home Depot looking for a measuring wheel, wearing my company hat and shirt & a lady I've never seen before tells me she's looking for lawn service. We talk for a few minutes and I give her one of my business cards ($90 for the first 1,000 cards for point of reference). Always have a business card ready to hand someone.

    Also, turn to the people you know. Call everyone. I'll bet they'll all be very interested in your new venture & want to be supportive.
  5. Mike Bradbury

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    I believe that is the normal responce rate. DON'T get down about it! That is the main reason I keep my doorhanger simple and cheap.
    I see SO MANY full color, tri fold brochures stuck in doors and if they aren't getting any better response, they are spending a HE!! of a lot more money.:dizzy:

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