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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ArTurf, Feb 22, 2009.

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    This is a newbie question. How do you mark or know where you have sprayed? Do you use dye, foam marker or something else. I have been experimenting in my own yard and it is easy to lose track of where you have been without dye on the larger open areas. I am waiting on the results of the applicators test I took recently and I am trying to get everything down right before I spray for hire.

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    I use blue dye on every lawn I spray on my first round. It is by far the most expensive item in my tank but-- I can see exactly where I have been and when there is only one green lawn on a road it gets your attention, you see my sign and BAM your a new customer. People drive by and my competition is spraying a clear to light yellow mix and I am spraying green beautiful eye catching wow he is really socking it to those weeds attitude. I use aqua-cap (yellow) and it turns the blue dye green. Well mostly green. I use 1 quart max per 200 gallon or 3 acres. No overlapping of chemicals and its gone the first rain or several sunny days. It has yet to stain anything. Well it wont wash off my hand, I have to wear it off in several days.
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    The more you spray the easier it gets. There are several things you can do to help know where you have been. Look for your footprints. Spray the edges of walks and drives as a marker. Look at the grass ( you should be able tell in most cases if it's wet especially if the sun is shinning. If your having problems walking a straight line try focusing on a fence post or some other object to judge where you need to go. Practice with your sprayer and water in a parking lot to get an Idea of your coverage. Believe me you don't need to add dyes to your mix to broadcast applications. leave the dyes for spot treatments where they are used best IMO. Check your calibration often to make sure your applying at the right rate and you will be just fine.
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    I'm guessing you are talking out backpack spraying. BP's are hit or miss anyway. It's difficult at best to get an even/consistant treatment with a BP even as an experienced applicator.
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    I guess the dyes would stain the spray tanks, like if you are using a 5 gal. backpack sprayer using purple dye, after using the sprayer it would turn purple?
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    That's about it. If your pulling a hose just look at the other end of the property and glance up when walking. Then turn around and move about 3-4 ft over and pick a spot at the other end.

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