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  1. muddstopper

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    Just a generic pricing question.

    Material cost:=1460.91
    Labor cost:= 528.00 (including Taxes, WC and SS)
    Fuel cost:= 200.00
    Sub total:=2188.91
    Overhead:20%= 437.782 (including maintenance, elect, phone, insurance and depreciation)
    total cost:= $2626.69

    Type of work performed not important to final answer Alto this is the cost on I job I am doing. ( finishing up today)

    What percentage would you mark this job up for your profit?
  2. rgjlawn

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    If it is a landscape job at least 150 % this would include material,labor overhead ect. you would be nuts to do it for less, what if all the plants die?
  3. muddstopper

    muddstopper LawnSite Silver Member
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    Type of job shouldnt matter but the job is erosion control on aprox 2.5 acres of road banks. No warranty given or implied. Erosion control grasses 3inches high in two weeks. if it hadnt been for this blasted rain I would have been done already. ( if it hadnt of been for this rain the grass wouldnt be three inches high either). Should finish up in about 4 hours today.
  4. MarcSmith

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    quick rule of thumb is material cost x3

    But IMO the type of job does matter. If i install plants they get a warranty which adds to the cost, but if I install much no warranty....If you are doig a paver job, it needs to be warranted for levelness and stability, if you are doing a cleanup job, no need to warranty, ect...

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