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marty j mower

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has anyone used or heard of the martyj mower i demo one today seem like a good mower
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hell yes ,i used one from 86 to 88.
at that time all the great gurus on the forum,had a laugh, told me marty musta hit me in the head .. as there wasnt a mower called the marty j...when the truth was established,, that in fact,, the dienes company had been producing them for a while . only one ,kieth ,had the guts to appologise. one even said,, hed tell me about them ,but then hed have to kill me. i emailed him ,and he has yet to tell me anything that might be worth killing me,, about the marty j.. in short ,he didnt know what he was talkin about.
now since then i have come to better understand the lawnsite members of that time. i really respect their knowledge. but this particular one never did step up to the plate and admit he was just wrong ,and appologise like a man. in private or otherwise. itwould have helped me have more respect fo him. but we all just human so its forgotton now.
the mower i had was alrite ..a front mount mower with a good cut. but imo not up to the midmounts of today. for my uses anyway.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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