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marty j mower

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has anyone used or heard of the martyj mower i demo one today seem like a good mower
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I demoed one a few years ago, and got some updated specs last year. My concern is that they do not have large enough engines on them. I would rate them as light duty commercial, or heavy duty homeowner machines. Are you looking at the chain drive, or the straight hydrostatic drive. The chain drive looked like a maint. headache to me.:(
I think for some applications, the Marty J would be a good machine. As I said, I would like to see them with larger engines, as I have some properties that only get mowed biweekly. There is no way I could mow them with the relatively small engines they put on their machines. I really liked the way they handled, and I liked the flip-up deck.Price was very good also.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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