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    I am just starting out on my own this year, and am looking at different types of equipment and wandering if anyone uses/recommends the Maruyama trimmers or blowers, I have noticed they have a little better warranty and the closest dealer to my house sells them. :) My blower is on its last leg:hammerhead: so i am looking around at those and stihls. Thanks

    This is an awesome site for the new guys.
  2. jim dailey

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    I own an older Maruyama trimmer. Have had it for 6-8 years. Not too shabby. I use it as a back-up. I also have some Stihl equipment. I use the Stihl as my primary trimmer. It is the 110 4-stroke model. ALL the power in the world. My blowers are the Redmax 8000's. If the dealer is that close, is real friendly and has superior service, give him a shot. Otherwise, I would go with the proven ones: Redmax and Stihl. It's your money...but...keep an eye out for the future.
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    Maruyama is a dependable brand that was founded in 1895. I have found their warranty great but virtually unused. Fewer repairs per thousand sold when compared to Shindaiwa, Stihl in our area.

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