Marvel Mystery Oil

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by vipermanz, Sep 2, 2001.

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  1. captdevo

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    You seem to be on top of it all!!!

    A knowledgeable person as yourself must have "been there, did that"

    Do you use injection cleaner? What type of oil do you use in your equipment? Whichever is cheapest?

    Tell us the problems you've experienced with MMO, Rislone or any additives for that matter.

    I've used it to remove moisture in fuel? (Alcohol works too)

    I have used MMO for cleaning fuel injectors in small horsepower gas and diesel engines for years. We even use it from time to time for fuel additive on our 3500 horsepower Mercedes diesels on the riverboat i work on for cleaning injectors and stabilizing fuel in the winter.

    NEVER any problems after the use, numerous problems before.

    I've winterized all my equipment (including my outboards) with it for over 20 years, seems to work well.

    I have soaked engines and parts that were seized and something sure loosened them.

    hmmm... wonder what?

    Please tell us why we are so stupid for using these products!!
  2. Cleve

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    I recognize that there are lots of "junk" out there but not all can be classified as such. I've used plenty of additives that I feel helped.
    I even used STP. One reason I believe in that product was an experience while handloading bullets many years ago. You can't use the typical lubricant to size a case as it will just sieze in the die. A little STP on the case rim and it was like butter in the die. Got to be something extra there for it to do that.
    Anyway, I would appreciate you knowing me better before suggesting I'm stupid.
    37 years in heavy manufacturing with the last 20+ as plant engineer difinitely would not be classified as stupid.
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    There WAS a couple of personal attacks on this thread. Please read the Posting Guidelines and especially the part about personal attacks. We do no allow this on
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