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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by Marek, May 1, 2012.

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    Just thought I would start a new Maryland thread since the other is from 08.

    Everyone should look up the " Maryland motor carrier handbook pdf " that was revised on Feb of 2012. Dot is out in full force and are writing tickets everyday all day on MD RT 32 , MD RT 108, MD RT 2, Ten Oaks Rd, MD RT 216, MD RT 1 in Jessup just to name a few places that we see them almost daily and on weekends. They have a field day with landscape trucks and trailers and from what I hear there have been no warnings only alot of tickets written. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. They will be checking lights , saftey chains , brake away systems , the cable from the brake away to the truck , DOT numbers , Med cards, tarps , weight , insurance, fire extiguishers , flares or triangles and on an open trailer your mowers must be tied down from four points two of which must be with a chain and no more than 5 gallons of gas with out a DOT approved container.
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    Thanks for the update. I'm part time and I get to my full time job before DOT gets out and I leave to go cutting after they have left from they're regular check points.

    The thing you have to watch out for is being pulled over as you're cruising down the road minding your own business.

    One day this year in early March they were up and down RT. 50 stopping guys whenever they saw them. I was just in my truck so there was no problem with me.

    I got summoned for a Safety Audit last year and learned a few things. Yearly inspection on the truck and trailer with supporting documentation on hand if checked.

    A log book of hours on the road not to excede 11 hours per 24.

    I'm all for safety but some of the stuff is overkill.
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    They have been back out on 32 and 108 this week too. One good thing, they are busting alot of the illegals we have around here. Would really like to know what they do with the guys they pull over that dont even have a license .
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    My truck/trailer combined weight is under the MD 10,001lb max the DOT requires. They can't do much of anything to me other then a inspection ticket if I have a light out or something. I don't have to carry flares, med card, log book and all the other stuff. I was a auto tech so I keep my stuff in good condition.

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