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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by zukofsu, May 20, 2003.

  1. zukofsu

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    This is ridiculous. I live in Maryland and I called the county extension office and the UMD to receive literature on applying for my applicators license. They told me that I have to either work under a licensed applicator for a year or have a degree in some type of science, etc.

    I cannot simply obtain the study material and pass the test, keep records, etc like I had presumed. However, I can take 3 courses at the CCollege and get my license, but this will be maybe a few months at least before I can finish what they are offering. So in the mean time I dont know what to do.

    I was only going to apply a program to maybe 5 customers with soil samples, etc. and capitalize on these services next year when I will have the license. This is very frustrating as I setup the company, pay taxes, and try to do everything by the book, but the inept county makes it extraordinarily difficult. Every other company can just grandfather their employees in and chem lawn has employess that do not even know what chemical components they are applying or waht NPK means for that matter, except that they have to make $1200 for the day before they can go home!

    Well I guess I am gonna sign up for the courses at my ccollege (assuming they are offered in the summer??) which will probably increase my knowledge in a positive aspect, but in the mean time do I tell my customers I cant apply weed and feed or just cross my fingers???

    Anyone who lives in MD. have any suggestions other than what I stated????

    I guess my new lesco stainless 80lb will have to collect dust>? :dizzy:
  2. Scraper

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    Maybe you should have done your research prior to making that purchase.
  3. gpriddy

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    I am preparing for the test in June, I have had to sub out my work in the mean time...By the way, it is quite difficult to find reliable subs in the Annapolis Area:

    I was planning to never take the test until I tried to find reliable service providers, they seem to be very far that is.

    > where are you in maryland??
  4. BAMSLandscaping

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    I have the same problem... I am located in Montgomery County and I am the owner. I know all about the chemicals and about turf care but I have no way of working for somebody else for a year who already has the license. Where are you taking the courses to become certified??
  5. fl-landscapes

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    Florida, the same way. Except it's 24 credits, 9 courses and $7000! I think the ironic thing is (like you said) once someone has a cert. They can hand a card to any idiot to go and spray under their cert. With no test. In MA I know to have a tech spray under your cert. they still have to pass a competency test. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to be tough on certificate qualifications then have zero control over spray tech qualifications.

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