Maryland DOT truck and trailer.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Marek, May 1, 2012.

  1. Marek

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    Everyone from MD should look up the " Maryland motor carrier handbook pdf " that was revised on Feb of 2012. Dot is out in full force and are writing tickets everyday all day on MD RT 32 , MD RT 108, MD RT 2, Ten Oaks Rd, MD RT 216, MD RT 1 in Jessup just to name a few places that we see them almost daily and on weekends. They have a field day with landscape trucks and trailers and from what I hear there have been no warnings only alot of tickets written. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. They will be checking lights , saftey chains , brake away systems , the cable from the brake away to the truck , DOT numbers , Med cards, tarps , weight , insurance, fire extiguishers , flares or triangles and on an open trailer your mowers must be tied down from four points two of which must be with a chain and no more than 5 gallons of gas with out a DOT approved container.
  2. cutbetterthanyou

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    They are really getting crazy. 4 tied down points 2 with chains on a lawnmower. Its stupid. I can take a 10k rachet strap any pull a stuck duramax out of the mud, but it isnt strong enough to hold a mower to a trailer.I dont understand why 1 strap over the center of a mower rated at 4 times its weight isnt good enough. MD is all about the money, it has nothing to do with safety.I guess the goverment will stop taking from us all when we are all out of bussiness.
  3. salopez

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    HOCO is going after scapers only right now
  4. Marek

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    Yep , its all just a money thing . they are writting large tickets , no warnings. Maybe they should try chasing some of the illegals out while they are at it . Would like to know what they do with one of these guys that they pull that doesnt even have a license or a green card. For they guys who know the laws , put the dot handbook in the truck , alot of these officers dont even know some of the laws.
  5. cutbetterthanyou

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    Yeah a buddy of mine asked the officer last year after getting stopped " now that your done(1.5hrs), i have some questions for you".One was about the straps and the officer didn't even know, he said one strap was probably ok but you might want 2. My buddy said well i might want one, its less work, which is it 1 or 2 and he had no clue. He asked him a couple other questions with the same response. I tell you what burns me more than anything is a different friend of mine has a f150 no business name ,no dot numbers, no anything, half the time his lights on the trailer don't even work,he straps down a full size exmark with 2 little inch wide 500 pound straps,but it don't matter because he is under 10k and if he gets pulled he will just play dumb (I am just a homeower) and get away with it. People that try to be professionals are just sitting ducks. In this state the harder you try the worse off you are.
  6. JB1

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    make campaign contributions to the county prosecutor.
  7. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    They are everywhere over here too. They have at least 10 trucks and SUV's here on the Eastern Shore. I literally can't drive more than 10 minutes on any day and not see one of them.
  8. salopez

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    a buddy got pulled over yesterday in an f350 pickup with no logos to see if he was registered comercial!
  9. swanny

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    I pulled the file up and see it's around a 150 pages about half of it before I gave up. You can get fined for idling more than 5 minutes? You need half-inch chains for anything over 6k pounds?

    Ten Oaks Road - are they sitting near the Royal Farms circle? They've sat at 32 and 108 on Sat. morning.

    I saw the landscape company that installed all those trees along Rt.32 just north of Pfeffercorn Road got hit relentlessly by the DOT.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    As I suspected a little web search and sure enough you got a Dem Gov and Dem super majorities in both houses. Sounds like its time to move.

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