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Hey guys, been doing landscaping for a few years now to help pay for my college bills as im still a student. Ive done quite a bit of various jobs, but never overseeding.
I have 3 clients that want me to overseed and fertilize - So I was looking at renting a slit overseeder for the day ($100)
I picked up 50 lbs of tough turf seed ($60) and 50 lbs of starting fertilizer ($50) for one lawn and the same for the next.
The other lawn I picked up 100 lbs of kentucky bluegrass ($226) and 100 lbs of fertilizer ($100)
The first two lawns are roughly 5,000 sq ft and the second lawn is 10,000 sq ft.
Overall my costs for the two individual lawns are $160 with the fertilizer, seed, seeder rental, and $16 overhead expense for getting materials)
The larger lawn is $376.
How much do I charge? I read a few posts on the site saying to charge $45/$1,000 sq ft
but that would put me at $225 for the first two lawns, only making a profit of $65.
and $450 on the third lawn, only making a profit of $74. I would account for the more expensive seed and bill accordingly to make $130 off of this lawn.
This sounds like not enough money for my time to seed and fertilize these lawns?
Questions/Comments/Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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Having a hard time following your post but I'll try to help. Seems like you purchased way too much seed. 100lbs for 10k overseed? That should be 3-4 lbs/1000 for the kbg. And 100lbs of fertilizer for one lawn will toast everything.

Are you seeding the kbg on the 10k yard?
If your seed is 226 for 100lbs you only need about 30lbs of you're slit seeding so your seed cost is $67 + fert (assuming about 50lbs which might even be high - read the bag for rates or talk to distributor) so you're up to $117 for job cost, plus $33 for the slit seeder rental splitting it evenly. So if you're charging $450 you'll make about $300 on the 10k lawn unless I'm misunderstanding?

Doesn't seem bad for an hour of work

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