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    Cut back my part time job this week worked on the 2 stroke equip and went out to trim a hedge and some bushes today. That smell of 2 stroke in the early afternoon, a lot of good weather this year be done mulch jobs early if it stays like this.
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    We did a spring clean up last week ...earliest start ever for me...Yesterday we did a deck cleaning and staining......with calls starting to come in as people are selling their house to get the hell out of commie Maryland....
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    I live in Pasadena too. I've been wanting a nice lawn since I moved here, but never seem to find the time to do it between work, school, 2 kids, travelling, etc. I'm on .43 acre, minus the house/garage/driveway/pool, I estimate 8,000-10,000 sqft of lawn left. Could really use a bit of grading/leveling before the grass is tended too. Not looking to get raped (not raked!) over the coals though. Not sure what to even expect to pay to get that done. Are estimates usually free to see what ballpark I would be in?
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