Maryuama M-line trimmer no power ?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Bunton Guy, Sep 5, 2001.

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    Ok this trimmer is not my main trimmer its a backup I use all new trimmers but this is mainly if anything breaks. anywho I bought this one used for 75 bucks. Its a all black plastic M-line trimmer made by Maryuama im sure I spelled that wrong . I have taken off the screen on the muffler cleaned out the muffler put in a new plug and air filter. Checked for interference with the spark . The ignition works fine. the main problem is the thing will not rev out it sounds like its loaded up and the motor will not clean out which shouldnt be the case its running 50:1 gas/oil mix. If I have it full throttle and put it into a area of grass you can watch the string stop moving. Its lost all power. The string never gets longer than a few inches no where near out of hand. The end of the shaft is always kept greased. Geez I cant think of anymore things to defend myself against. could it be that it is flat worn out and that the rings are worn and not sealing that well ?
  2. khouse

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    you need to remove the muffler and clean the exhause port at the cylinder itself. use a dull screwdriver to remove the carbon from most of the port. then use a small piece of wood or dowel to clean the port into the cylinder. with the muffler off crank it a few times then reassemble. careful not to break off any wood splinters into the cylinder.
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    If the exhaust port is not plugged try adjusting the carb. That carb has a rotary valve for the throttle. In the center of this barrel there is a plastic removable cap. Under the cap is an adjustment screw. You need a jewelers screwdriver to get in to it. Screw it in to lean out the carb and out to richen it. This adjustment is VERY sensitive so only turn it 1/8 turn at a time. This adjusts the low speed and the high speed mixtures at the same time.
  4. captdevo

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    i would rebuild the carb before i did anything else, if it's old and not used much i'm sure it's gummed up. if so and it runs too lean, you'll end up needing to rebuild the engine
  5. General Grounds

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    :blob3: KHOUSE makes a great point and probably the remedy, i would like to see you with the muff. removed also remove the plug and blow compressed air through both holes to make sure no carbon or dust stays in the cylinder or you'll be throwing out that backup very soon. T

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