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  1. Green King

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    Are these people out of buisness? I have a dealer who has been trying to get these for several months. So he gave me there number and I have been trying to get them to call me back for 2 weeks What gives?
  2. gl1200a

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    I bought a used Masterchute from a fellow and heavily modified it to fit on my JD Z-Trak.

    I have been trying to get them for a few months by e-mail. I did get one reply saying they could no longer supply a new electric motor for my unit and refused to tell me what it was so I could find one on my own. I don't need a motor, but am looking for a backup before I do need one.

    I then tried to see if they could supply me with a new foot switch (same reason as they motor). I have received no reply to four e-mails.

    While brainstorming with others on here on ways to make our own electric OCDC another LCO that built one for his WB (Tharrell) talked about the motor being a GM electric window motor to which Masterchute did chime in and say that we were wrong and that a window motor would not work. But, we were close as I have found it to be a GM headlamp door motor as used on modern Pontiac Firebirds.

    Do a search on here using the word 'Tharrell' and see what you can come up with. He has some great pics and all of his unit that he made and I have some pics on here of mine under my name.

    Have fun.
  3. Meg-Mo

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    Look at the post we did about a week ago on closure.
  4. Tharrell

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    Whoa now, don't get me in trouble with masterchute! ha ha ha
  5. packmate81

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    Masterchutes.....i can get you all parts or chutes you need no prob....get me a list and ill get them to you....
  6. Tharrell

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    If you can get all the parts, how about some information for the guys here that have questions about the company?

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