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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bohiaa, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I see tons of post here wondering about how to get the larget jobs, and doing Mass advertisement.

    Most of you here, " in the starting a LCO " are solo. DONT go for the larger contracts, and DONT do mass advertisement.

    I know this sounds werid, BUT, your NOT ready yet.

    it takes several years to get into this position, you need GOOD insurance. GOOD experance, GREAT Risk managment, and a GREAT rep. in your area.

    trust me, you CANT build a TEAM of landscapers in a few weeks, YOU SIMPLY CANT. sometimes it takes several years before you can even hire a GOOD crew leader. then it will take several years before you know him and trust him.

    after you build a TEAM, know what they can do, "and what they cant" then go sell them.

    risk managment, you will have to learn how to manage RISK. this means contracts, insurance and the work itself.
    Building contaics is HUGE. most guys who have been around for 5 to 10 yrs can get anythign done, get it cheeper too.....

    I can under bid most in my area because of my contaics. double knock out rosed go for 28.00 each in my area. I cat them at 6.00 each.
    you cant compete with that when your starting....

    start slow, build up, make your connections, and you wont have to worrie about advertisement,

    it's true, " build it and they will come "

    Best of luck to everyone
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    Great post:clapping:

    If you really want to be succesful in this business and are dedicated to it, you'll get there eventually. Be patient. Do your best on every property, every week and you'll pick up accounts from word of mouth. To really get the ball rolling when you first start, you'll need to get a bunch of flyers out there or do some sort of real advertising, but don't get in over your head. The larger accounts (commercials, apartments etc) they'll come with time, with proper business decisions and with hard work. Goodluck everyone
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    im a new LLC partnership (with my brother..1st year) and I fully respect this thread/post. Nothing annoys me more than the dumbasss people coming on here thinking they are gonna gain 50 accounts overnight! "oh if i mow 10 lawns a day for $30 each ill make 300 a day!" sutpid mutha***** where r u getting these customers so quickly?!! i have listened to advice on here and it has helped me grow my business the right way. I have placed my estimate/quote prices at the price that i need/want to get for the work....if i get the work, i get it. I have been offered alot of work for wayyy too cheap of a price (specifically lawn cuts) and i just WILL NOT take them just to get work! if i do this, then a year or 2 years from now, i wont be making the money i want or need to be making and it wont give me a chance to increase my profits. So for now, i am happy with the 2-3 calls a week im getting and closing around 75-80% of my estimates at the prices i want to get. some people have told me my prices are too high, that johnny down the street will do it for $30! i simply explain that i pay taxes and am licensed/insured and he probably isnt. Lowballing only hurts yourself, your business, and the industry in the long run and i refuse to do it. I have just started to get word of mouth calls and am being patient and concentrating on my current customers and just HOPING everything will fall into place for me. After i get the residential part of my business in order and going good for a while, i will then look into commercial work. I appreciate your thread and all the help ive gotten on lawnsite, so please dont think that ALL first year business starters are jackassesss haha
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    It sounds like we're pretty much in the same situation, I love this site and found so much useful advice & information in just the short time I've been using it. I started last season but a bit too late in the season to really pick up many accounts but I'm starting to get a couple calls a week consistantly without doing any advertising at the moment. Hoping to put the majority of what I make this year back into the business next year for advertising and some better equipment. Thanks to everyone with years of experience on this site for all the advice :drinkup:

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