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    Hey everyone, name is Joe, just started a lawn care & maintenance company this season in Easton, MA. I literally was inspired (and honestly, somewhat scared) to begin this next chapter in life while reading the many stories of success on this site... been a great resource also, especially during the equipment purchasing phase this past Fall/Winter.

    Little about myself... I came from an entirely different industry before joining the green industry. I owned and operated a company that purchased scrap catalytic converters and processed them for the precious metal content. Did that for the past 16 years... still do a little, just enough to put some 'cash' in my pockets every couple months. That industry is changing very quickly and a simple analogy is what happened to the "mom and pop" hardware stores when Lowes and Home Depot came around is what would've happened to me if I remained in the industry another 5 years. With this realization I had to find another way to earn a living. No easy task... to say the least. I have a beautiful wife and two children (son who is 14 and a daughter 12), a home and all that comes with family... expense-wise. I first thought of doing something with motorcycles (riding and working on my own has been a hobby for years), a mobil service / inspection company was my first 'post catalytic converter company' business idea... this was shot down as MA will not allow for any inspection station to be "mobil". My very next thought was something I almost got into twice before through life: landscaping/lawn care & maintenance. Once when I was a younger man and again about 10 years ago I almost purchased a VERY small company that was caring for my property at the time - older gentleman who had about 30 accounts. Probably a good thing that I didn't purchase it,.. we couldn't come to terms and at the time I was growing my previously mentioned company - all things happen for a reason. But landscaping?... damn there's gotta be 20 different companies in my town alone! Most wondered what the hell I was thinking... but... something seemed right about the idea of starting and building a great landscaping company. It would be local, it's a service industry so the constant short cycle of work interested me greatly and working outdoors is how I've always made a living. I pulled the trigger this Fall. I incorporated, got insured and got to work building a website and creating some marketing materials. Purchased the equipment: Wright Standers, RedMax line trimmers, blowers and hedge trimmers, the vast array of hand tools, an enclosed trailer (7x14) and took one existing truck from my other company: 2009 F550, diesel, 4x4, dump body.

    First day of business was March 31st 2014. And brother(s) there is a much longer story to tell just from day one.... don't want to bore you all with more writing about myself, but again, name is Joe and thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. Please feel free to ask questions about my first season, I personally enjoy hearing/reading about "how" someone has gone about building their company, I would be more than happy to share all of my experiences. I don't view the forum daily but will respond soon as I do/can.

    Hope everyone is killin' it this season.
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    Congrats on making the jump.

    I am in a similar situation and will be out of a job in 9 months. I have landscaped for the past 10 years. The first 5 full and the last 5 part time.
    Always worked for someone else. I think about starting my own everyday.

    I'm from mass as well so good luck and keep us posted

    Quick question was it easy to get all the paperwork done.? Insurance? Incorporated?

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