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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bishop65, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. bishop65

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    from Ohio
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    Have any of you guys been facing massive competetion in your area?

    I have had about 30 estimates this year and only landed a few jobs. Last April I had brought in about 6 grand for the the month of April and as of now I'm at about 1 grand.

    Guess the scrubs hit hard in Northwestern Ohio. People are mowing for $20 an hour and not even charging sales tax on mowing too.

    Any solution to landing more jobs?

    Bishop :alien:
  2. KDJ

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    Lower your price or stay home.
  3. TGCummings

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    Well, obviously you can't mow for $20/hour and make a decent living if you're a legitimate professional, so you're going to have to expand your marketing plan. The customers are out there that will meet your rates, you're just going to have to talk to more people. Have you gotten flyers out yet? Do you have an ad in the newspaper/yellow pages? Asked your clients for referrals?

    My old boss in sales (many, many moons ago!) would always preach about the law of averages. Whenever I'd come back to the office and complain that people aren't buying, he always told me I wasn't talking to enough people. He was always right. 1 out of every 10 people you talk to will buy dirt if you sell it. And sometimes you can talk to 99 people before the 100th buys 10 times the average amount, but it always bears out.

    Stick with it, friend, and find a way to talk to more people! :)
  4. eslawns

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    obviously you can't mow for $20/hour and make a decent living if you're a legitimate professional,

    And neither can the people who do this. Most of them will be gone by July, the rest are too stupid to know anything and will be swamped with work (from the el Cheapo tightwads you don't want as clients anyway) to be competitive. They sure aren't going to be springing for a new Z on that kind of money.

    The economy works in cycles. What has happened over the last 2 years was predictable, and most of us did little or nothing to prepare for it. Any business can thrive in a robust economy, now we'll see what we're made of. Things slowed down some last fall because of Sept. 11th and a drought, but we seem to have turned a corner, and I can not keep up.

    Stick with it, make sure your prices are good, and stay after it.

    Good is never cheap, and cheap is never good.

    LAWNPROzII LawnSite Member
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    I live in a college town and it's so funny to look in the classifieds in the newspaper. Because as soon as it's time to mow you see about 15 kids trying to get business. "Mikes Mowing",
    "Adams Mowing", (my favorite) "Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, really cheap mowing." No name this is just what it says. Sure it's frustrating to see any high school or college kid that has a truck, trailer and one wb trying to make some fast cash. Example today went out to give a bid and when we arrived there she said "I just got off the phone with another LCO and his mother said that he would come give her an estimate after school. Go figure.

    But look at it this way, when they're gone next year or the year after that who are they gonna call.

    This is another favorite of mine, when I get a call "uh yeah I need someone to come out and fix my lawn the kid I had mow, fertilize, seed, blah, blah my lawn has messed it up now I need A professional to take care of it. Can you say
  6. 65hoss

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    The good customers get tired of changing lco's. They don't like dealing with a bunch of kids. Those are the ones you want anyway. The real business. Stick to your guns. Give yourself an honest opinion of your selling and people skills. You may find a little fine tuning will help. It never hurts to upgrade something about yourself. Always strive to be better. Hang in there. The summer heat is coming and the wimps will be jumping ship.
  7. strickdad

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    hang tight alot of them will be broke in a few months....
  8. Toroguy

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    Once you get a customer it is up to you and only you to keep that customer. The competition will not take a happy customer from you. If you give the customer a reason to leave they will take it, don't give them a reason, instead show them the reasons they should stay. Maintain the effort you exerted in getting them, to keeping them, and the competition will be a thing someone else will be concerned with.

    Many here blame other cut throat practices for the reason they suffer. I look at what I can do better, period. There is no other way.
  9. affprop

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    I got a good one for all you LCO'S out there, last year I did the cemetaries for this municipality for $235.00 It took me and another guy 10 hours to mow it, (boy did I under bid it) anyway this year the bids came out and I bid $360.00 for the same cemetary. Now I have 2 walkers, 2 walk-behinds with sulkies,
    the compitition bid $225.00 for this cemetary.Was going to mow it with one x-mark 48 in. The bids got opened April 8, they have already called to reconsider my bid cause the other guy cant handle it. This same contractor bid $10.00 for all the Veterans Cemetaries, there is 186 of them. It will take two weeks to do them all. So you figure out the average exp. he is not going to beable to handle those either.

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