Massive widespread drought - impact on you

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. unit28

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    With the process of how grass grows, we're having great mowing conditions
    along with proper management.

    Besides if you wonder about it, root development isn't at the surface.
    Watering infrequently {and deeper} properly managed mowing heights and feeding applications, the lawns aren't sweating the temperature even with daytime highs around 95*

    If the sun is drumming down at 100* with no rain for an extended period, I split run times on irrgation. Prgram B is useful for something...ha

    Not saying the process isn't slowed down, but the only lawns I see that are stressed, are the ones that are improperly managed.

    half inch of rain this AM and more on the way in the near forcast
    After saying all that, with the upcoming forcast I'm going with the old cliche'....Ain't Skeered:)

  2. unit28

    unit28 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    doubt if we get to 82* before 5pm.

    With all this rain and 65* temps we're on the upswing side now.
    Just hope the customers don't stop service due to fall like weather...LOL
    Looks like the leaves will hold on to the trees for another week, thanfully.

  3. Groomer

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    a pic is worth a thousand words. This lawn was last cut 6/13.

    DROUGHT 001.jpg
  4. bjack312

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    In Oklahoma conditions are definately better than last year. The heat and dry weather has really just started in July, and things are starting to get stessed. We had plenty of rain thru mid June, and a good spring. Last year it was pretty much a disaster all year without the spring rains, and with the record heat.

    We mostly mow irrigated turf, and it is doing OK, but growth has slowed some with the heat. Anything that is not irrigated is starting to brown and go dormant.
  5. Jimslawncareservice

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    That's just wrong to post something so depressing
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  6. Groomer

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    says it all, doesn't it?
  7. Jimslawncareservice

    Jimslawncareservice LawnSite Platinum Member
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    It says too much. Don't you just to tell it to shut up?
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  8. OakNut

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    My back yard - last cut 6-7 WEEKS ago...


    Looks inviting, doesn't it?


    Most lawns here don't look quite this bad, but most are more brown than green.
  9. ed2hess

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    So they let the grass die are these fools going to let the trees die also:dizzy:
  10. BPS##

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    You guys better learn how to install sprinklers. Around here if it aint watered it aint growing.

    I too am hoping for a lotsa snow winter.

    As for loosing income..... I have 3 large complexes that are seasonal contacts so I'm good on the biggest share of my income. But I have two days of per time jobs. This is where I'm starting to take a big hit thanks to the heat. A lot of them are going to every other week because its just so hot and dry that even with sprinklers the lawns are crying uncle.

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