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Master Chute Or Director

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Any pros/cons on these two?
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I can only speak to the Director.....I love mine. Sturdy, well designed, and lower price. Folks at York Sheet Metal are a pleasure to deal with. Saves me a ton of cleanup time.
You can make your own like I did. The motor is an electric window motor ($45 new), an on-off-on toggle switch ($5), some wire and a little welding.
Advantages of MasterChute:

"On the fly" ease of use - speeds up the mowing process.
Easy Installation.
Quick fingertip or Handsfree footswitch controls.
1 year warranty.
Product liability insurance.
Visa/MC accepted.
Hundreds of satisfied users in dozens of states.
I can only speak to the MasterChute, but they will be on all new mowers that we purchase. Actually we only have one without right now, and that's our oldest that we will more than likely replacing next year.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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