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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TWUllc, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. TWUllc

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    Hey guys. I need some advice. I have an opportunity to purchase a 2 year old, 20foot enclosed trailer from a friend (used 3 times), for, $2500, thats right, $2500.00! (Moving to FL)

    <b>ONLY PROBLEM</b> - It has barn style rear doors.:realmad:

    Am planning on keeping it. Heres where the fun begins. I want to use it for my lawn care equipment. Can anyone say, RAMP? Any ideas how to rig a ramp up inside the trailer, still utilizing the barn style doors? I have one idea, but it'll take me 30 minutes to type it all out. I'll have 5 feet of free space from the back of the trailer to the rear of my rider. Start thinkin, I have all winter to come up with a master plan. Thanks!
  2. LB1234

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    Call trailer dealer, order new style 'ramp' door, unhinge barn doors, attach ramps. Done.

    Why complicate things. In the end I bet it'll be just about the same money wise if you figure your time (and money) into it.
  3. vntgrcr

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    I bought a trailer with barn doors and needed a ramp for my race car. I took the barn doors off and built a ramp with square tube, sheet aluminum riveted to the frame and some basic fabricated hinges. Very simple, basic welding. If you weld, you could do it or a fab shop/ weld shop could do it for a couple of hundred $$. Good luck.

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    Wells Cargo makes a bolt on ramp for barn style doors. brickman ran them back in Illinois on several of their trailers.

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