Master Valve on Discharge Side: Why?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ACC, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Sorry, location kept indefinite for the sake of sparing me much nuisance mail.

    New York also has the added complication of having the backflow protection requirements having first been given by the state Board of Health, in a law that remains in effect.
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    C'Mon Man!‎ No problem giving your full name, business, pics, phone number on an open forum.
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    For the record, the municipal code where I am (Albuquerque area) states that "AWWA and USC FCCCHR standards and specifications have been adopted by the City... "

    The HOA board did decide to have the work done, but not at my particular urging or anything. The City had some verbage on the matter. Three or four master valves were re-located. I understand it ran around $2,000 to do. Like some of you noted, I am not expecting particular improvement, but we'll see. Records on the backflow preventers at issue here have not been all that careful.
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    At some of our sites their nonexistent, enforcement is lax and complexs are cheap. Still have 2"inchers with needle valves on 'em.:dizzy:

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