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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Installation of two weathermatic 1 1/2" valves as Master valves....
    Two reasons for Master valves installed..
    First reason: this system leaks 500 gallons a day and no sign of a leak on the main line which is about a mile long and 3'-4' deep in most areas.
    Second reason: system has over 120+ zones covering 69 homes and common area, homeowners would manually turn the valves on and water their property.

    2" Main line excavated at one of the 1" meters ...
    We reworked from the back of the 1" water meter to the backflow preventer in 1" copper and from the back flow to the master valve in 1" copper also...

    Valve with 1 1/2" sch 80 nipple and piping finished...2" sch 80 rated at 400 psi
    and drycon connections....


    1 1/2" Valve with all brass fittings inlet and sch 80 outlet...

    Second 1" meter excavated...

    second valve with same set up...all brass and sch 80...

    second valve installed and reworked in all 1" copper..

    Another pic of valve.....

    Final clean up...
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    Nice job! But is the underground backflow to code?? Up here they all have to be above grade. Those that were grannied in are ok, until they are repaired then they have to be brought to code, above grade. Not that your doing any thing illegal, just wondering why it is below grade. Must be a S.C. thing...
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    Yes the water company requires that the (DCVA) double check valve be installed in a meter box 3'-5' behind the meter..... I learned many years ago that when you work with the water company, its not Burger King and "you dont get it your way" its their way or the highway......

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    I loved below-grade DCVA's. Mostly used as basement installs, with the pipe exiting the foundation below grade. No freezing from overnight cold, so the season was extended, compared to RPZ's and PVB's
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    nice pics london

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