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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dc33, Apr 2, 2006.

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    hi guys :)

    I just got a Masterchute based on the advice Ive read here and it seems awesome but it came with basicly no instructions, just one page on the foot switch. I'd prefer to use the toggle hand switch instead (a least thats what I think it is since it came with no instructions)

    My question is how does it connect to the battery?? The wires are white and black rather than red and black. Im guessing its black to black and white to red but I dont wanna chance it.

    Also how and more importantly where did you guys mount the toggle switch on the control pannel??
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    This is what happens when someone buys a company and hasn't the skills to revive it properly. I wish the original owners would have taken my letter seriously.

    Sounds like the white should be the power wire, but you can check it by doing a temporary hookup to the battery and work the device. Make sure to have a fuse in place first... can't remember what mine is. 10, maybe 15 amp.

    I would seriously consider sticking with the foot switch. Your hands are busy enough and your feet do nothing. I love mine.

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