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    Does anyone know how to contact masterchute by phone? The number on there website is disconnected and I have already e-mailed them with no success. Thanks!
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    Just called their # it's working it was forward to their answering service and they would take massage and they will call back.
    I have e-mail them and they always get back within a day or two.
    I hope this helps.

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    Just got a reply from them by e-mail Hello,
    We're getting ready to move into our new facility and our phone numbers are being transferred now. You can call my cell phone
    We do have a model to fit the new Toro. I'm not sure if it fits the accelerator bagger or not. We do not offer the ventilated model anymore. We made a limited production of those for some folks who wanted it for additional airflow. It worked fairly well, but the slots became blocked by grass anyway.

    CLIPPING DISPLACEMENT: When the flap is closed, you may have some windrowing if the grass is thick.
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    The Accelerator for the toro SFS deck (the newer model decks) do not require a bracket. You just need to drill a 9/16 hole at the front of the lip that runs around the discharge. A pin goes through the hole, and a piece of angle goes over the lip at the back behind the deflector shield. Unless the masterchute goes over the lip around the discharge when it is in it's upright position, you should be able to use the accelerator with the masterchute on and in the open position. Send me a picture of the masterchute in the open position on the toro and I can give you a definite answer as to whether you can use the masterchute with the accelerator attached.

    Accelerator Industries

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    Thanks Pete, unfortunately I already own the accelerator bagger. I was looking at this problem in the opposite direction, will the masterchute OCDC work with the accelerator before I purchase it. Thanks!

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