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    when choosing materials what does everyone usually go with as to match or design around when it comes to existing materials and colors? Home siding? existing hardscape? Does fron yard vs backyard have to match if seperated by fence?

    Point is that I have a standard vinyl sided home (tan) with a red brick foundation (10-25" exposed above grade). In the front of the home I have 2 retaining walls and 2 columns, both with cultured stone and a small garden wall made with natural stone that matches the columns and walls.

    ? is about the back
    Pool with black aluminum fence and broomed grey concrete, no other hard materials other than wood deck to be removed or changed into a landing to the patio (is that junky? would save on cost, contractor advises so)

    Looking at a slightly raised (12") patio project 350-400 sq ft with columns, and seat wall.
    The patio will connect to a 4' wide path to the pool area.

    Ignore the brick because it has less coverage than the tan siding and use colors like the siding? What about the grey concrete, it is only 3 years old and no issues, I was thinking that an acid stain to match what gets put in.

    Finally is there any time you actually advise conrete over pavers strictly to match? I know that pavers will last longer which is why I really dont want another slab poured (Yes I am sure that in 10 years I will be wishing I did pavers at the pool). Thanks

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