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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Craig Turf Management, Jul 15, 2001.

  1. I think the best price structure should be:

    X2 + 35% with no warrenty.

    X3 + 35% with warrenty.

    For the items, plut instalation price. REmember you have to ge get them, pay for them and deliver them before you install them.
  2. gene gls

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    Craig Turf,

    If you are paying the same price for product as your customers, you are doing business with the wrong supplier.

  3. KerryB

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    Professional Grounds Management Society
    12 Galloway Ave.
    Suite 1E
    Cockeysville, MD 21030
    it used to be $12.00
  4. Craig Turf Management

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    I know that you are right. I'm fairly new to the landscape end of the business, and still trying to locate suppliers. I just don't know of any wholesale landscape material dealers. I do have a pretty good line on wholesale plants though.
    When it comes to landscaping, I never realized how expensive a job could be. I still get sticker shock when I prepare a bid. Most folks accept it though. Especially when I walk them through and explain everything that's involved. I know that I'm not charging what I should though.


  5. KerryB

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    Hey Bill, ever heard of Metrolina, They are near huntersville. Some of the guys here drive all that way. they have good prices and nice stock. But if you want shrubs and trees they buy from the same guy I do. Cooleys nursery, in Wagram.
  6. Craig Turf Management

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    Yes I know about Metrolina. I'm not set up to do business with them yet. I'll probably call them today. I get a lot of plants from Latham's in Monroe(Unionville).
    Where do you buy bag mulch etc.
    Thanks, Bill!
  7. KerryB

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    Southern Importers in Aberdeen. They sell Southland products. You have to buy by the pallet but a pallet of 3cuft bags pine mulch 44 to a pallet is 1.51 per bag. They also sell in bulk.
    They just started making us buy by the pallet because they sell to Lowes and Lowes started complaining because they sell the same products cheaper. But I dont mind I can save a lot of money buying anything from mulch, mushroom soil, potting mixes to SI-1 and SI-2 Growers mix. They even have lime pellets and powder brick nuggets volcanic rock and premium red mulch not chipped up pallets for 2.45 a 2cu ft bag.
  8. Likestomow

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    Bill, if you are buying 21 yards, you are buying a truckload. If you can’t get any discount for that kind of quantity, I’d let the homeowner order it and pay for it himself. Just charge him $525 for the labor --- that’s $25 a yard for installation and cleanup. If he balks at the price, I’d come down a little bit and then he’ll feel like he got a deal.
  9. Craig Turf Management

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    You folks are right, and I appreciate all of the good advice. I'm going to have to search for wholesale suppliers and develop relationships with these people. Take care, Bill Craig

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