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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gene $immons, Aug 10, 2004.

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    A customer of mine who just bought a million dollar home has a super huge swingset / play area in the backyard. Right now the area is (its a big area) surrounded with black plastic edging and filled with mulch, some of the chunks are large, and his kids don't like to walk on it. Pea gravel is not an option. Is there anything you all can think of or have seen that will provide a soft surface, maybe some type of matting of finely ground material that would be soft enough to walk on, but not gat all over the lawn, or get the kids messy?

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    The rubber products are quite expensive. I would see if any of your wholesale mulch suppliers carry a certified playground material. This material is typicaly wood fines and is extermly soft and cushony (my new word). You can usualy get it relativly cheap. I get mine for around $13 per yard.
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    we have one client that has the shredded ruber in it. MAN is that strange to walk on but works very well they say.
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    i have a small swingset, and i used a shredded mulch that is made by the Scotts company, i bought at home depot. no big chunks at all.

    wouldn't the rubber get really hot in the summer? Some kids at a local park get burned on their feet last year and had to go to the hospital. i'll use the mulch. I tried to get the playground mulch, but couldn't find it here..

    I just thought of something. kids are living in a million dollar house, huge swinset/playground in there own yard..... and they're deterred from all the fun by a few pieces of uncomfortable mulch?? spoiled:rolleyes: ...... when i was a kid, we walked on gravel, dirt, etc. we didn't care if there was something fun to do. the ice cream man used to park by a huge tar patch on the ground, but we'd all take it to get that chipwhich!
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    Thanks to ALL!!!!!

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