Materials for Chili Thrips

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PHS, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. PHS

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    Anyone having success with a particular material for Chili Thrips?

    I'm getting my butt kicked on Knock Out Roses on a few properties this year. Here's what I've tried thus far, granular Imidachloprid (says suppresion) combined Bifenthrin sprays, straight Bifenthrin sprays and Bifenthrin tank mixed with foliar Merit.

    I thought I was getting control and this week I'm finding Thrips all over. I know Thrips generations are short but I shouldn't have to spray every week.

    As I'm writing this I remember in college adding a little brown sugar to the mix to bait the thrips out while spraying greenhouse's worth a try.
  2. shaneb

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    Conserve is about the only option that I know of right now. Many companies are searching for a good thrips product to bring to market, but none have been successful yet. Conserve is the industry standard for thrips control.
  3. coiclawn

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    I've been using Safari and getting great's pricey but a little bit goes a long way.
  4. heritage

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    Exactly right!!!

    In my neck of the woods, I deal with the Western Flower Thrip.

    I use the "Blue Sticky Cards" to Monitor when they Hatch, THEN...

    I rotate Conserve and Orthene.........It's the Cat's Meow :)

  5. PHS

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    Thanks guys. I've used Conserve in the past with good results. I was kind of avoiding buying some because I was hoping I could get acceptable control with what I already had. Going the cheap route bit me in the butt this time :hammerhead:
  6. PHS

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    Picked up some Conserve this morning and not a moment too soon. I sprayed it on almost every property today, those little bastards are into everything. They're into the roses big time, they wrecked several areas of Impatiens, a couple nice camelias, Indian Hawthorns, Plumbagos, Nandinas, and who knows what else. Funny thing is a couple groups of roses I treated 3 weeks ago for thrips are doing beautifully now...frustrating.
  7. heritage

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    Hit them again in 7-10 days PHS with the Conserve @ 11 oz. per 100 Gal.

    The thrip life cycle is a short one.

    Conserve is #1 for Thrips.


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