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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Central 1, Jan 23, 2008.

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    My Company uses alot of Mauget injection products. We were recently at a local trade show where Arborjet had a booth and were talking with the salespeople about the product. Outside of the huge outlay for the equipment it seemed like a great product. Until we were listening to one of the speakers at the short courses. Dr. Michael Raupp Had done studies of different Systemic products and methods of application for insecticides and Fungicides and was of the opinion through his research that the Arborjet system did not perform nearly as well as the Mauget system. I just wondered if any of you fine folks have used Arborjet and can give me any nonbiased info on it. Employees of Arborjet need not reply. Thanks, Jim B.
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    I just called mauget today in CA, they gave me a name of a Company down in Ma I think it was Winchester, anyway they are having a training course in Mar. How easy is it to use, can you use different product ungicide/ insecticide at the same time, what about the price and time factor between the two?
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    Very easy.. but it's in a totally different price class than lawn fert..

    seems like mauget needed a capsule every couple inches around the trunk, and cost was like $3.50 per capsule.. I was having to charge A LOT, and thus didn't sell much. not to mention you have to go back to retrieve the trash.
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    Im A Certified Arborist and have used both products as well as Tree Tech. I feel that each has its own use. With any systemic pesticide the pest have to invade the tree for it to work and most of the time pest are a secondary problem. They tend to pray on the weak which would tell one that there is another problem so will the tree be able to carry the product through it system. If you reacting to a problem instead of being proactive how long will it take for the product to start working through out the tree? If it will be weeks what damage is being done waiting and is there a more immediate method. Arborjet will cost you up front where Mauget and Tree Tech you can buy as you go. IMHO trunk injections do little if anything for the root system. You do have to retrieve your trash with the capsules and if your using restricted use stuff you cant leave the job site and uptake times can be slow. I attended Dr. Raupp IPM course a few years back and would have faith in what he has studied.
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    Personally I don't inject trees unless there is no other reasonable alternative. I much prefer to do soil treatments or foliar sprays. Call me old school but I'd rather not drill a tree full of holes if it's not necessary. Quite honestly as more companies that don't have an IPM programs get into trunk injections it has actually increased my sales because if you have the equipment soil injection is far less expensive per treatment. And after customers have had their trees ventilated a few times I'm finding that more and more of them are jumping at the opportunity to do it in a less invasive way when it's offered to them.

    Maybe, but what's preventing you from doing more than one treatment at a time?
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    Another option is ArborSystems, which has the "wedgle". Appears to be a little less intrusive on the tree and no return to retreive the capsuls.
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    I also prefer foliar apps. but have used acecaps when necessary. I have some customers who get either gypsy moth and others brown tail moth. many of the trees are right next to the water which means injection for me. I've had good result from them. the only problem is that I refuse to use them preventively and the customers usally wait till the tree it under alot of pressure before calling.
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    Here are some pics from Wedgle damage.
  9. Central 1

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    We do also offer soil injections, and mauget. If you recall Dr.Shigo was the original person that studied bark wounding on trees, and worked directly with Mauget to develop their system. As far as charging people enough to wait around for the capsules to empty, we get $11.50 per capsule installed. We like taking care of our customers,but then we are not lawn jockies. We don't run to the next job, we service the customer. And ours like the fact that we can avoid blanketing their property and cars with pesticides.
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    Geez...4 posts and you're already calling people out

    Here are the photos...

    Wedgle 2.jpg

    Wedgle 2.jpg

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