Mauget VS. Arborjet

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Central 1, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Those are wounds from Wedgle system I take it. Too high on the trunk to be Mauget. Sorry to be "calling people out" but in my opening post I asked a very simple question and Surprisingly enough only one person could answer it without some kind of criticism.
  2. Central 1

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    Those wounds are from a Wedgle system I take it ? Way too high up on the trunk to be Mauget. Unless the person was not properly trained. I am sorry to be "calling people out" but when I posted this thread I asked a simple question and only one person answered it without some kind of criticism.
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    Yes I mentioned it was Wedgle damage in the previous post and was in response to one of the other posters asking about it. The original photo I tried to upload was too big and didn't have time to fix it until later.

    I offer trunk injection as a service too, I'm not opposed to it. For me it's just a tool that I use for tree care, not the only tool. If you're not one of those injection only operators then my criticism isn't directed at you.
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    No, We do soil injections, drenches, etc. We started out as a pest control company with 38 trucks so naturally we do alot of IPM. I know what constant injections can do to the health of a tree. I was just trying to find out if anyone has used the Arborjet system and get their feedback. Since then I have talked to several tree pros and professors of universities that have told me Arborjet uses 2-3 times the label rate in their studies to get publishable results.So I will stick with the tried and true Mauget for now Thanks, Jim
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    mauget is ok if you just shoot one tree,and you have lots of time to waste, Arborjet is a system for use by real professionals we can inject 100 trees a day with ease.
    soil drench should be outlawed because of the environmental concerns.and after 4 years of using arborjet our trees dont have holes drilled all over and the wound site does cover over better than mauget. if you want to save trees, get a good job, save some money,and get a real tool, ARBORJET
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    LOL There's the arborjet sales rep.. Hehehe
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    Thanks for the info "treegal" I never knew a post could cause so much controversy. We in the north have a whole different species of trees not to mention soil conditions etc.Did I mention different pests also. One of which is called EAB or Emerald Ash Borer. The best treatments prescribed to treat them (1) if infested Mauget or other forms of injected Imidicloprid products. (2) if preventative soil drench with said product. The university studies done with Arborjet were at 3 times the label rate. I think in Ohio that is illegal, I might be wrong.That's what they are not telling you. Injections done year after year are very bad for trees. Soil drench with a systemic like Merit is a good alternative to injecting. Yes drenching the soil is not the greatest thing for the environment, but if you had an entire yard full of ash trees you wanted to save I think you would investigate your options. That is just one of the ways our climate, insects, etc differ from yours. I used to be closed minded also, but I changed. I have a very good friend I can steer you too if you need more advice on this, he is currently the president of the International Arborists Association lauren Lanphear. His company has used "closed injection" Systems for years specifically Mauget. Let me ask you this, your concerned about the environment ? Why would you want to handle open pesticides and measure and pour them into those bottles ? We, My company tries to buy as many water soluable packet formulations and other formulations that limit operator exposure as possible. Relax, and have a pint. Try to loosen up a little. It's great that you are a professional, we could use more of you.
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    no not a sales rep, just a serious arborist with a thriving business,e mail me and i will send pictures this is serious business "TREE INJECTIONS" we have used all the equip. out there mauget is to slow, treesavers is to slow and not consistent,
    arborsys is a low dose and a lot of holes and does not work on palms!!! yes palms, otc , imida.,nutrition,etc. arborjet has always worked out better, on over 40,000 trees. And i swear the scaring is minimal because the bark is not separated like other systems. a small hole is better than a dead tree???also re check those rates and a 3 year residual with imajet is going to use far less than a soil drench.. even at three times the label? if theres a better way to treat 140 inch dbh trees please let me know
    i will fly you down so you can show me the way, also our water table is 3 feet google earth 34994 and tell me where we can soil drench
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    In the picture, I see leakage. IMO the injections are also too high & far apart.

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