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    I went to the Mauget certification class today in Sturbridge MA, got up before God did to get there. Any passed it and can now use their product. Anyway do any of you guys use their stuff? Pros Cons?

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    Good products overall, I used to use them but the cost was a little steep for thier products. I recently went to an Arbor ject, It's not bad either.
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  4. humble1

    humble1 LawnSite Silver Member
    from MA
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    The rep said to charge like $18 per capsule installed, a 10" tree needs 5 so $90 seems a little high given it takes 5 min to install. Your POV please pm me if you want
  5. heritage

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    Takes more than 5 min's. The capsules have to empty. Some don't and Mauget even sells a device to check if there is a "Draw" (suction) in the hole you drilled into the cambium layer.

    A client with a 10" Dia Green Ash, gets treated every other season in the fall for Anthracnose.... My charge was $185 in fall 07'. Takes about 45 min from setup till cleanup.

    The 18 bucks is fine for a "Guideline" but do not forget to add your "Stop Charge" too.

    Mauget makes a great product line.


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