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    I was interested in what you thought about mauget. Do you use it and how to market it. Any response would be appreciated. Plan on using it this season.
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    Hi Meagle,
    I've used Mauget as a rescue only. I detest the thought of boring holes into a tree unless NOT making holes is worse for the tree. Decay causing pathogens can & do enter the wood through these small holes regardless of what some people have said about it. I've seen it many times through post-mortem disection.
    Merit makes soil injecting for insects very easy & much less injurious to the patient. Lasts longer too. Season long when fall or very early spring.
    Fungicides are another issue since we don't yet have a root translocated fungicide.
    Mauget is quicker on Birches for Borers & leafminers. Emls too. After the first year, there would be no need to resort to drilling holes since you then have the knowlege of the pest issue & can treat more appropriately.
    Still a great tool for rescues though.

    PS I am a certified Arborist & have the Mauget Caertificate.

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